Featured artist: Kate Walters

Kate Walters is a visual artist with nineteen years combined training and practice in classical shamanism. During that time she has used her art to work with groups and individuals to bring healing and vision to hidden or problematic areas of people’s lives.


Her practice utilises a technique which she refers to as ‘becoming the hollow bone’, a shamanic term to describes the process whereby the practitioner applies her focus to becoming a vessel or channel for images and messages to come through. The ego and personality are respectfully asked to stand aside.

Co-creators sit near her, after having shared which aspects of their lives they require help with. This could be bringing understanding to a traumatic event, or to be released from such an event, bringing comprehension and forgiveness to a parent or partner, or getting help with decoding a dream or memory. After a short period of intense ‘tuning-in’ with her drum she then makes a drawing and/or notes to give to the person.

On ‘becoming the hollow bone’….

“Kate Walters’ fascinating new departure takes audience participation to a new level. Showcased in the summer in Hoxton, and most recently at the Espacio in London, participants are brought into the making of the work. The artist sits with her subject in the gallery (or indeed, anywhere) and ‘channels’ them to create a unique monotype, which the person can take away with them. This is much deeper than setting work up to which people can respond in various ways. Yet - and this is the real master stroke - though the audience is brought right into the making of the work, the artist remains in the key role. This is no dilution of the artist, but rather a true sharing of her talent. Gallery, visitor, artist, artwork: they are all changed. I felt privileged and moved to witness it.” 

Professor Penny Florence
March 2015

On Saturday 9th November 2019, Kate will be speaking at Worcester Art House (Illustrating Mental Health Symposium) about the inspiration of residences in Shetland, and how a great change came about in her work due to a dream she had when staying there.

On Monday 11th November 2019, Kate will be at Brixton Market performing her 'Hollow bone' drawing / shamanic work. Book a place through bigartherstoryproject.com or contact her through her website at www.katewalters.co.uk.

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