Andrew David Clark Hampshire, United Kingdom
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I wander the invisible landscape, seeking the dim glimmer of the hidden, calling yonder.

Primarily a painter, my practice is a means to project the inward light outward through layers of oil and fog. Across chapters of the work, my art embodies Daoist perspectives; exploring ideas of the sublime, transience and change. Through the mediums of paint, sound, and film, atmosphere is the lodestar to my art - as a subject, a tone and a teacher.

Emerging over time to form a larger unspoken narrative, my work follows a ritualistic process, in episodic fashion, each piece another iteration. The formative method of my practice enables the work to grow organically, and in parallel to this, a written aspect runs alongside my painting practice in the form of poetry, informing the work from another dimension – as lyrics to music. A dichotomy exists between avenues of my practice, in motion and in stasis, and how one may spawn the other. There is motion to be found in my paintings, and stillness in my films. The tactility and unique materiality of oil enables a versatility of medium and allows me to exact swiftness of expression unlike anything else. Echoed in time, my images sway with the four winds, toward and away from the known. Through my work I seek balance and in the processes underlying my practice – in a way my work helps to highlight the many subtle twofold aspects of nature. How muted tones may enliven the rest, and how alone I hear the otherness.

Reflected in the void space, seemingly empty, comes the mind. In the formless, comes form. In this way, the work is dynamic – reflective of the seer, revealing ever more. For through my work I see my mind, for silent songs are heard through time.

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