Beverley Coleclough Lancashire, United Kingdom
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I have worked in many different processes and with a wide variety of materials over the years but my current practice is mainly in the area of painting and working with papers and felt. Most of my work has been inspired by my love and travels around Australia where the colour and light is so dramatic. I try to express the colour and visual delight I see around me whether desert or coastline.

I studied all four crafts at Art School and specialising in painting. This experience and working in the theatre for 5 years gave me an interest in working with different materials and exploring other ways of working. Freed from teaching in schools and colleges after 20 years I used my time to travelling around Australia gathering inspiration from the deserts of the northern half and the cooler southern areas.

My ideas are based mainly on these two contrasting sources of inspiration and I have been lucky enough to live and work there during several residencies at Central Crafts, Alice Springs NT and a shorter one at the Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany WA

In addition to paintings and paper pictures, I have been developing a variety of work in felt using similar themes.

My work has been shown in galleries throughout the United Kingdom in London, Chester, Cheltenham, Liverpool, Manchester, Keswick, Kendal, St Helens, Gloucester. Hereford, Alice Springs, NorthernTerritory and Albany W Australia.

I am member of Cross Streets Arts in Lancashire and Central Crafts, Alice Springs in Australia.

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