Blauhaus East Sussex, United Kingdom
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A Fine Art Sculpture graduate from the University of Brighton who explores 'Beauty In The Broken' through creating vibrant sculptures and wall features made from scrap and recycled metal. A colourful and punky twist on glamorous decrepitude.

In my work I investigate ‘Beauty In The Broken’, in which I find that physical processes that mirror corrosion and deterioration, in combination with bright paint, patination and gold, reflect our own emotional complexity and journeys.

Patinas and Rust, a symbol of age and deterioration often represents a life lived and at times, the end of an object. I am intrigued by the history of such decayed objects and encourage the viewer to take a closer look and question what story lies behind each of them, what journey have they been through and what meaning did they carry in the past. Such items can be actual found objects or pieces I have processed to mimic decay and age.

By turning decayed and broken objects into art I am aiming to give pieces that were declared waste a new live and meaning and ask the viewer to see beyond rust just as a symbol of deterioration but as a hallmark of a lived life. I am testing the norms of what we, as a society, label ‘beautiful’ and how we can re-shape those standards. I am inspired by the Japanese art of Wabi-Sabi, finding beauty within imperfections, celebrating cracks, damages and other marks that are created by time, weather and history.

Gold as the ‘eternal metal’ represents preciousness and purity and acts as a beautiful contrast with rust and corrosion. It creates a form of elegance. By pairing decayed objects with gold I create the illusion of archaeological treasures, combining age and decay with the everlasting shine of gold. Sometimes things need to be broken to expose the true beauty underneath.

Although my work does not have a religious meaning, it does explore the concept of life and death, and the themes of an eternal life and rebirth.


A colourful and punky twist on glamorous decrepitude... Beauty in the broken., 2021


Projects and exhibitions


SCION – Christmas show

27/11/2021 — ongoing

Cupola Contemporary Gallery, Sheffield Details

PRESENCE – Winter Art Exhibition

16/11/2021 — ongoing

Upfront Arts Venue, Penrith Details

Platform Graduate Award 2021

08/10/2021 — ongoing

Phoenix Art Space was taking part in the Platform Graduate Award for the second year in a row. Established in 2012, the Award is designed by CVAN South East to support emerging graduate artistic talent, and to help further their practice following graduation. The award includes a £2,000 bursary and 12-months of mentoring support from a...

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Phoenix Artspace, Brighton Details

Supporting The Arts

01/08/2021 — 01/09/2021

Instagram Details

The Flux Review - Online Summer Show

01/07/0021 — 01/08/0021

Online Show Details
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