Brigitte Pemberton South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I enjoy painting from that part of me that is in touch with the doing, the colours and the canvas. My desire is to have an iterative relationship with the canvas.. Through this process meanings are revealed.My art to date has critically explored materials, politics, hegemony, existentialism, values and many more. It is not a straight path and there were many potholes and cliff edges.

my greatest pleasure and pain lies with my practice especially when my practice talks to me and becomes my partner in a joined endeavor to create, in order to communicate. And in this NOW, I am exploring multi- media: painting, collages and digital art. But I am not settled as every Now remains a moment only of inspiration, passion, reflection and fleeting ……….. Hic Rosa is a platform for critical public engagement with arts, culture, education, and the humanities.—crossing boundaries of genre and place, Aimed at creating philosophical and intellectual provocations that dismantle the walls between teacher and student,artist and audience, to produce radically points of contact of thought and practice. At present I am having an argument with Marx regarding Climate change .women's issues ,Brexit and the present world chaos He said :“ Mankind thus inevitably sets itself only such tasks as it is able to solve, since closer examination will always show that he problem itself arises only when the material conditions for its solution are already present or at least in the course of formation!.” I am searching for those movements that will lead to a solution

Marx:Preface to the Critique of Political Economy

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