Chloe Stead West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am a visual artist based in Leeds, producing sculptures and installations from found objects and natural materials. I explore the various dualisms that divide us, such as feminine/masculine, subject/object, nature/culture, agent/resource etc.

In my practice, I am interested in blurring hard line distinctions, finding ways to connect opposing materials, or placing objects into new contexts. I am interested in the way in which blurring these distinctions creates the possibility for greater empathy and a deeper sense of responsibility towards one and other, including ‘others’ such as animals, machines and the environment. I draw from Posthumanist, New Materialist, and Feminist theory.

I am currently an artist in residence at the Leeds City College University Centre, where I am producing a body of work and conducting research for my practice, as well as curating a show titled ‘Dualism’.

Perviously I have been involved with various group shows in the Leeds area, such as Fem Fest 2017 and Hue in 2018. I have also produced commissioned work for London based beauty brand Ainsel, where I produced an installation made out of rubbish around the theme ‘mass-production’ for their pop-up shop in Shoreditch in April 2018. From January to June 2018 I was also involved with an art collective based in Armley, Leeds, called Jamhed’s. While I was there I was collecting abandoned kitchenware for an installation titled ‘Woman and Home’, exploring the dualistic nature of women’s lives.


Rubbish in Wax, 2018


My Art's Rubbish, 2017


My Art's Rubbish pt. 2, 2018


9PVG, 2018


Womb, 2017


Girlzilla, 2016


Previous projects


Ainsel pop-up shop

23/04/2018 to 27/04/2018

Installation for London based beauty brand Ainsel, in their pop-up shop in Shoreditch. This was designed to highlight the issues of over-production.

1-3 Rivington Street, Shoreditch Details
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