Donna Coleman West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am a Leeds based visual artist, with a studio at Aire Place Studios. I am interested in psychology and explore the human psyche through expressionst drawing and painting.

My work is driven by a fascination in the human condition in it's most fragile state. I use distortion and disfigurement to disrupt normal figurative or portraiture to reveal the hidden self: looking beyond the mask of flesh and bone to reveal an undercurrent of raw emotions flowing beneath. Visual intensity and contrast of palette are important to me. My practice is very focused on drawing, with paint and painting added as an enhancing element, rather than a seperate activity.


The Prussian Blues

Medium: Oil on paper

Expresionst drawing depicting a depressed state, with thoughts of emitiness and self destrustion.


Between blue and grey

Medium: Felt tip pen, oil paint and graphite on canvas.

Experimental abstract drawing on canvas, exploring mood through colour and mixed media.


The quietness

Medium: Biro pen and graphite on paper.

Expresssionst figurative drawing, depicting someone in a quiet and still mood.


Not speaking but listening

Medium: Biro pen and acrylic on paper

Expressionist drawing depicting the silence of depression. Although sometimes silent a sufferer can be screaming inside and well aware of those around them.



Medium: Biro pen and acrylic on paper

Expressionist drawing depicting the way psychological trauma can be just as damaging as a physical trauma. The subtracted area of the drawing with drips of paint shows what we don't usually see with psychological trauma, but because the viewer see it as an obvious physical wound, they can understand it.


It's too dark

Medium: Biro pen on paper

Expressionist drawing exploring the ways the dark can trigger distress and cause one to feel disconnected from reality.



Medium: Biro pen on paper

Expressionist drawing depicting deep feelings of emptyness and disconnection from the world and oneself.


Some parts are missing

Medium: Biro pen on paper

Expressionist drawing depicting the way in which, being psychologically distressed can make one feel broken or wrong.


Past projects


BAS8 Newspaper '#7SecondTour'

20/11/2015 to 26/11/2015

#7SecondTour is a 12 page newspaper produced in response to a Leeds gallery tour by Leeds based university students, practicing artists and community members from South Leeds. Over a two-day period this project involved collective visits to 4 exhibitions, The British Art Show 8, Home Address, Object Lessons and Surface to Air, across 4 venues, Leeds Art Gallery BasementArtsProject, the Henry Moore Institute and &Model. Following the gallery visits participants were hosted by East St. Arts and Leeds Becket University for a two-day workshop for the production of content.

A blog post documenting this project can be found in this link below

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The Place And Memory Project

01/07/2013 to 01/10/2013

A group of eight Leeds based artists were mentored through group crits, 1-2-1 portfolio sessions, workshops and collective site research to develop new work for an exhibition and publication to accomplish personal and professional goals.

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