Keith Shorrock Furniture Cumbria, United Kingdom
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I am a furniture and boxmaker. Most of my work is to my own design. I started my business about six years ago. I exhibit at art and craft events mostly in the North West but also into Scotland.

I work from my purpose built workshop in the village of Cark In Cartmel. I make a range of small furniture which I have designed. I use sustainable resources. I like developing new pieces and have completed some interesting commissions. The commissions are challenging but very satisfying. I also make two types of boxes. The first is made from wood not usable for furniture such as fruit tree cut down in a garden. I take a piece of this wood and cut it to whatever shape the wood dictates or my imagination sees. No two boxes are ever the same. I also make Shaker boxes. These are made to a very specific design passed down over two centuries by the Shakers. I am pushing the boundaries with these boxes in two ways. The first is by using beautiful veneers for the tops. They look delightful. The second way is by screen printing onto the boxes. I use my own pictures and have them turned into screen prints. I am at the early stages with this but it is exciting.


A selection of work produced over the last few years, 2014 - 2017


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