Fawnink Glamorgan, United Kingdom
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After a few years of not creating anything new and neglecting my mental health I started to create again to relieve the stress of my situation. I was happily working on pieces for myself and posting to online platforms, when I was approached by an upcoming gallery, part owned by a very well established artist based in Chicago To be part of their opening show. Now I create everyday.

Working under the pseudonym Fawnink, has given me a confidence and freedom to truly express myself through my work and the confidence seek opportunities, in a way I previously felt unable to do.

I choose to work with mixed media because, as in life, it is often impossible to achieve what you want to depict, or to become when only a small range of materials are available to you.

You sometimes need to access more.

I find the ability to move fluidly betwen mediums less restrictive, which in turn, enables the work to become as intended rather than forced.

My work depicts my emotional responses to certain situations, trials and struggles, as well as lingering dream imagery based on life and literature.

Any questions related to any of the subject matter of my work, or any other queries are more than welcome.


Father, Watercolour, ink, tea, paintmarker, 2016, 130 USD


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