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E Gabriel Edvy is a multi-disciplined artist living in London, with a background in filmmaking, sound, painting, and photography. She combines analog and digital processes, using organic elements, and combines these disciplines into richly textured pieces for music videos, experimental short form and installation work.

My practice combines analogue beginnings, whether it be in sound or image, working with organic elements and traditional methods, which are then moved into the digital realm to finish. My process is experimental, I believe in the cut-up, the accident, the unexpected, the arcane, and I seek to create visual sculptures that capture the intangible, ephemeral or fleeting physical state, and create a transmutation between the aural and the visual, creating a cohesive whole.


Tone Deaf, Analog/digital video, 2016


Look Into My Eyes, Digital Video, 2017


3i2, Digital Video, 2017


Bodydrone, Analog/digital video, 2017


Abandonments 1, Digital Video/sound, 2015


Haumea, Digital Video, 2016


RaumMerzGeist, Digital Video, 2016


Projects and exhibitions


Sound/Image Colloquium

10/11/2017 — 12/11/2017

I was very proud to have “RaumMerzGeist” included in the prestigious Sound/Image Colloquium event at Greenwich University, London. Ranging over three days of November 10-12, this 3rd instalment of the event explores the relationships between sounds and images, and the images which sounds can construct by themselves. Through a series of...

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Greenwich Univeristy, London, UK Details

/'Fu:Bar/ 2017

07/10/2017 — 13/10/2017

/’fu:bar/ is a celebration of errors in Zagreb, Croatia, that aims to gather contemporary glitch artists from all around the globe. My piece 'Bodydrone', made with electronic music artist Min-Y-Llan was featured in this weeklong celebration of glitch art which included film screenings, live performance, workshops and lectures.

Akc Medika, Zagreb, Croatia Details

Making It Real - Analogue LDN

06/10/2017 — 08/10/2017

“RaumMerzGeist” was shown at this 3 day long event at the Ugly Duck gallery in London. The event focused on the exploration of how photographic, film and sound based processes interact with digital technologies. The event was hosted by the London Alternative Photography Collective. October 6-October 8, 2017.

Ugly Duck Gallery, London, UK Details

Space Textures XI


'Haumea' was screened at the Space Textures XI experimental film festival in Riga, Latvia, on September 9, 2017.

Vērmanes Garden, Riga, Latvia Details

Drone Cinema FIlm Festival


Founded by composer and Silent Records head Kim Cascone, the Drone Cinema Film Festival showcases cutting-edge, minimalist works of ethereal beauty that bring sonic drones into the visual realm. The 2017 festival’s theme was GOLD. It takes place on April 22 simultaneously in Seattle, Washington and Leiden, The Netherlands. I, with partner...

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Vrijplaats and The Chapel, Leiden, Netherlands and Seattle, Washington USA (simultaneously) Details

Cities and Memory


Sequencial (the sound/visual project of E Gabriel Edvy and FKDrone) participated in two instalments of the Cities and Memory project. Cities and Memory is a field recording bank, which collects sounds from around the world. Sound artists are then invited to re-imagine sounds in order to create new landscapes. We participated in "Sacred Spaces"...

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