Georgina Ottaway Suffolk, United Kingdom
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I am a Fine Art graduate residing in Suffolk. During university I developed my practice to be heavily based on portraiture with a focus on my family. Using a variety of surfaces as my canvas allows me to create a deeper meaning within my artworks.

Portraiture is the substance of my practice. Incorporating memories and my family with found objects. Consisting of doors, scaffolding boards and slate which I use as my ‘canvas’. The ‘canvases’ usually have deeper meaning that link to the person within the piece. In 2017, I painted a portrait of my father onto an old door. The chipped paint and deterioration in the wood linked to my father’s scars on his chest from multiple heart operations. Through making the object and meaning behind the portrait being more significant than the portrait itself, this is seen as a piece of conceptual art[1]. The use of oil paints is dominant within my work as this is the way I create texture with palette knives applying thick layers within the painting allowing the paint to appear flesh-like. Colour in my paintings are mixed to create the skin tones, using blues and greens when needed to create cool shadows. My subjects within the portraits are members of my family as the importance of family and memories run throughout my practice. ‘Compared to photography, memory’s records are full of gaps’ (Kracauer, 1924, 45), my work mixes photography with memories with an outcome of portraits.


The Passing of Time, Oil on wooden boards, 2018


Vintage Table, Oil on glass and wooden table, 2018


A New Life, Oil on wooden doors, 2017


Wood Portrait, Oil on wood, 2017


Vintage Brother, Oil on scaffold boards, 2017


Slate Brother, Oil on slate, 2017


Previous projects


Church Exhibition

10/06/2017 to 11/06/2017

Group of local artists exhibiting work in the church.

Stoke By Clare Church, Stoke By Clare, Suffolk Details


05/05/2017 to 10/05/2017

Group of 6 fine art students at University of Lincoln created an exhibition revolving around the idea of ‘the home’.

Lincoln High Street, Lincoln Details


13/01/2017 to 21/01/2017

The same people who created 'Response' created an exhibition at Surface gallery, Nottingham

Surface Gallery, Nottingham, Nottingham Details


10/12/2016 to 15/12/2016

A group of second year university students created a site responsive exhibition at St Mary Le Wigford Church in Lincoln.

Mary Le Wigford Church, Lincoln, Lincoln Details

Open Art and Sculpture Exhibition 2016

15/11/2016 to 15/01/2017

Group exhibition for artist to submit work. I won the student prize.

2021 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe, Scunthorpe Details
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