Graham Elstone United Kingdom
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A multi media artist working with installation, interactivity, sculpture, technology, sometimes performance, film, animation, sound and audio, photo - in fact any medium that works for the concept. Im particularly interested in work for site specific, outdoor or public spaces. Use of interactive technology also key to the work.

I work as an artist, creative educator and technical/project manager. Projects/ work is presented Regionally, Nationally and Internationally, involving digital arts, installation, performance and mixed media. Artwork has been shown in galleries, theatres and within Festivals, but much of the work is for public spaces and unusual settings including shop fronts, disused buildings, artwork on the street, and rural landscapes. Much of the artistic work requires interaction from audience, often challenges perceptions of a medium and expands creative boundaries whilst allowing audiences to explore and participate. Recent work includes Arts Council funded mixed media, touring project ‘The Circle Squared’. As a project and production manager I undertake large outdoor work for festivals and arts venues, collaborate in touring projects with other artists and manage arts and creative projects for other organisations. This has included works in the UK but also abroad. Clients include sonic artist Ray Lee, Lightwaves Festival, Salford, Manchester and Nottingham Puppet Festival. I provide a wide range of educational and workshop opportunities including schools, higher education and youth settings but also for older generations and groups with specific needs such as MySight.


Edge to the Big Sky, Mixed, 2018


Previous projects


The Circle Squared

02/02/2017 to 01/11/2018

Large scale interactive installation for various events festivals arts projects; shown at various venues in 2017-2018 ongoing presentations. Set in large geodesic dome, interactive central structure for audio and large scale projection.

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