Hana Lara Lait West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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Hana is a visual artist that works with photography, performance and installation, her practice focuses on the representation of mental and emotional states.

My works are created by performing to camera, captured using analogue photographic mediums. I manipulates these images using alternative darkroom processes; presenting them as installations. I create relational spaces where my themes can be experienced.

This year, I curated the final show of an artists residency at Casa degli Artisti in Italy, and most recently, I organised a pop-up exhibition "Is This Ok?" at Wharf Chambers, Leeds.

I hold a BA (Hons) Photography from Sheffield Hallam University and I'm currently studying for a Masters in Creative Practice at Leeds College of Art.

I live and work in Saltaire, West Yorkshire


Bipolar in 1000 Pieces; Ages 26 years, 3 months, 29 days and Up

Medium: Installation, digital print, 1000 piece jigsaw

A fractured face gestures towards a jigsaw. One thousand pieces of a damaged photograph.

Solve the puzzle of her bipolar diagnosis.



Medium: Black and white chemical prints

She climbs. She pulls herself up as she's dragged back down. Then all of a sudden, she's free and able to race for the light.

The sprint to the light is just as dangerous as the descent in to the darkness.


Mirrored Perspectives

Medium: Installation, audio, polaroid lifts on mirrored perspex

Lie down.

Mirrors and warped images spin around your head. See your reflection surrounded by Hana’s fractured memories. Take the time to immerse yourself in the artist’s life.


Sick Beats

Medium: Video

A visual depiction of a Hana's diagnosis of bipolar depression, mania and those moments in between. Featuring music from Tom Bradshaw, and text from a consultant psychiatrist report.


Past projects


Dolomit Learning Artist Residency

22/04/2017 to 28/04/2017

Artist residency in Casa Degli Artisti culminating in a final show, Stranieri, which I curated.

Casa Degli Artisti, Tenno, Itally Details
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