Helen Kilby Nelson Warwickshire, United Kingdom
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The problem with face value is that it hides so many other layers of information. I am a miner of cause and effect. A working class neuro-divergent person forensically trying to understand living.

Helen Kilby Nelson is a multi-disciplinary, neurodivergent artist based in rural Warwickshire where she lives with her family and four cats.

Helen’s practice is informed by social and political issues in Western culture, including socio-economic inequality, disability, class discrimination, ageism and gender inequality. Working across media within post-digital and socially engaged approaches using processes that include: written word, moving image, photography, music, and found images to create sculptural installations and 2D works, performance and participatory workshops.

Helen identifies as working class and has lived experience of living with a long term health condition. Through these experiences she has observed and experienced the impact of being marginalised and the effects on identity, opportunity, inclusion and belonging.

Helen continually questions the human condition and society, forensically peeling away layers of information and misinformation, meanings and subliminal messages, within the multiple ways we experience language.

Writers and artists who inspire her include: Writers; Guy Debord, Noam Chomsky, Mark Fisher, Marshal McLuhan, Slavoj Zizek, Claire Bishop and Imogen Tyler. Artists include; Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Hito Steyerl, Metahaven, James Bridle, Benedict Drew, Andrew Jackson, Donald Rodney, Michael Dean and Tony Oursler. More recently she has been introduced to Donna Haraway’s, ‘A Manifesto for Cyborgs: Science, Technology, and Socialist Feminism in the 1980s, which appears to link well to her current working concept.

Helen is currently a fellow on the AD:Vantage Leadership programme which is partnered with Coventry Biennial, New Art West Midlands and Warwick University and was recently one of 8 artists selected for the Active Reality Lab intensive programme in Coventry a partnership between New Art West Midlands and New Art Gallery Walsall.

Helen is currently artistic lead and project manager for an 18 month community art project in Stratford upon Avon. The project facilitates co-creation with residents through a diverse range of creative workshops to create an alternative community language and art work.

Helen is also one of the founding citizens and caretakers of the Parallel State, a collaborative, activist breakaway state, instigated by artist Simon Poulter.

Her methods of working include solo, collaborative, participatory and facilitation.

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