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Hollie Miller is a performance artist. She holds an MA from The Royal College of Art (2016) and a BPA from The Northern School of Contemporary Dance (2007-10). She has presented her work nationally and internationally in the UK, Europe, Argentina and Japan in minor contemporary art museums, galleries and outdoors.

Hollie Miller is a performance artist working across live and recorded contexts (moving image, photography, installation and costume). She has initial conservatorie training in dance and somatic practice. Her movement enquiry is focused on the minor gesture, gestures of the everyday and material gestures, which she embodies with a poetic sensibility. Her corporeal works are site-responsive, intimate and time-based: exploring ephemerality in the digital age.

Miller is influenced by feminist practices throughout art history in performance art, cinema and dance. She approaches feminism through the female command of space and uses performance as a tool for transformation and female ascension. She is concerned in vulnerability as a form of resistance and how this engenders our capacity for empathy in relation to the other. She uses her body as a visceral material to reclaim the sensual as a political tactic to overcome normalised violence on women’s bodies.

Recently she has been rethinking her live art practice through a cinematic framework and incorporating sound and voice. Whilst exploring how sculptural objects, material traces and costumes used in her performances can exist in the gallery as artefacts, relics or fossils. She sees the photographic documentation of her performances as autonomous images.


'We the Living', Film, Installation, Performance, 2019


'To Melt/ To Crystallize', Film, 2019


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