Indy Townsend Artist Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
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Bringing together the magical elements of nature, folklore and femininity to create beautiful and intricate works, Indy's art spans mediums and subjects but keeps a consistent theme of mysticism.

My art focuses on nature, magic and spirituality. I absolutely adore our British wildlife and how it is inherently magical; how the seasons of the year change and follow our moods, needs and desires, how there's always something new to see each time you step outside and how nature has the ability to create such a beautiful range of colours, shapes and light. I try my best to capture this beauty in my art, adding small elements of magic to enhance nature's existing mysticism. My larger works - primarily in watercolour and gouache - focus on characters; from animal guides I've met on inner journeys, to magical fae I imagine existing in the world around us helping keep nature in balance. I really enjoy the story telling element of this part of my art and each of my characters is embedded with story and symbolism! Each piece is a personal journey, as is my practice as a whole; a slowly rolling expansion of my mind, my creativity and my life, each step discovering and uncovering more detail, truth and magic.

My practice also expands to lino printing and digital art; I enjoy these mediums as a way to break up larger work. Digitally I focus on small illustrations of my favourite parts of nature - mushrooms, wildflowers and butterflies/moths - which I make into stickers and greetings cards. Although I am quite new to lino I have enjoyed making smaller carvings, mostly made into cards, focusing on symbology, zodiac and spirituality and I am looking forward to exploring larger lino work.

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