Jan Harrington Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
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I am a Visual Artist, working in Site Specific tape installations investigating the nature of the line within a space. Selected for the CVAN Platform Graduate Award 2019, my next installation is in MK Gallery Project Space in November. I have also been awarded a Print Fellowship at UON for 2019/20 where I will develop installation images into print as well as video. I'm busy and loving it.

My work is about line. How it interacts with itself, the space it inhabits and, most importantly, the viewer.

I create site specific installations allowing the line to react with or against a space. I work spontaneously, each line is intuitive, sometimes breaking through the usual confines of an artwork invading the space of others, disappearing off the wall. Found objects introduce a more spatial enquiry and the work becomes a landscape. The viewer brings the element of activity and connectivity with the work as they walk around or through the different vistas and seek out the visual trickery. The work becomes alive and this is what excites me. I play with the work, I add, I move, I take away and with each action, the work brings fresh visual concord and discord.

I invite participation, both in the install and dismantling of installations, when the discarded tape takes on a new life within video work.

I am interested in how visual art can affect a workplace, an institution or a community and hope to begin working within these areas as part of a participatory practice.


Rich Threads, Tape, 2019


Into the Forest, Tape and wood, 2019


Avenue, Tape and wood, 2019


Just out of reach, Tape and wood, 2019


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