Jill Woods United Kingdom
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Originally a teacher of dyslexic children, I have recently completed an MA in Fashion Textile Practices at Huddersfield University. I have always been a creative and in 2017 finally took the plunge and did an Art & Design Foundation Diploma which started a love of light and installations.

I work with light, reflective materials, knit and stitch to create immersive installations which aim to promote mental and spiritual well-being through visitor interaction. I'm based in Saddleworth and work from home either at the kitchen table or in my son's empty bedroom when he's away at Uni. I'm a very hands-on kind of person who likes to test ideas out in 3D before upscaling them. I'm interested in the intersection of art and science (I have a BSc in Anatomical Science) and am fascinated by the structures found within the body - especially web-like structures.


Pulsar, 2018


Graphene:Wonderstuff, 2018


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