Jo Lane London, United Kingdom
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Masters of Fine Art Drawing from UAL (University of the Arts London) Committed to drawing as a form of expressive thinking.

Working between UK and Australia she is a ‘drawer’ first and foremost, using charcoal, graphite, coloured pencils, and any other material that is present-to-hand, honouring the texture, immediacy and honesty of drawing. Whilst immersed in fastidious mark-making and fibre incorporation, decision-making is reflexive, responding intuitively to differing shades and depths of line forming on the surface. The contrast between self and other and the systems of separation and unity that operate throughout the humanity, as well as the human condition, drives the work. British Psychoanalyst, Donald W Winnicott places some artistic motivation in the tension between the desire to hide and the desire to communicate. Her work erupts from this tension, between the private refuge of thought and the nature of external engagement that is drawing.


casting vapours, Graphite and human hair on Arches hot press paper, 2019


riot, graphite on Arches 300gsm, 2019


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