Joules Rain Lua South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I’m Joules, an Art Alchemist. My creative vision presents itself through dreams, intuitive nudges, meditation and being in nature. These practices assist me to openly flow with my intuitive gifts to create Art Alchemy as I creatively and intuitively channel my art.

Art Alchemy Activation resonates with the frequency of your consciousness

Your heart feels it Your body senses it Your intuition knows it

Art Alchemy for me is connecting to my soul frequency and creating art pieces borne of divine guidance. My art pieces are transformational to the soul, they are grounding, healing, activating and uniquely resonating with whomever is open to receiving them.

When I’m creating, I don’t know how the art piece will look once it is finished. I am guided right to the very end and I intuitively know when it is time to bring the creation to a close.

I use various techniques for designing my art pieces; digital and paint, and each piece is unique to the sitting at the time.

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