Judith Alder East Sussex, United Kingdom
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As an artist with 20 years’ experience, I have exhibited widely with museums and galleries and have taken the lead on many artist-led projects. From 2013-16 I was visiting lecturer (BA Fine Art) at the University of Brighton and from 2011-2020 I ran an artists’ development organisation, Blue Monkey Network at Towner, Eastbourne. I am a member of a-n's Artist Council and Eastbourne Culture Group.

My recent working methods imitate the processes of growth, change, evolution and transformation which inform my work. Using simple, sometimes crude materials such as wire, plaster bandage, bed sheets, plastic packaging and electrical tape I construct and assemble objects which evolve throughout the making procedure. Referring to the constant state of flux in nature and the living world, I mimic metamorphic processes to transform one work into another, crushing and compressing large, loose cellular formations into tightly bound, compacted forms, building skeletal structures which are then covered and clad, photographing and filming these processes to form collages and animations which can eventually become a backdrop or part of an installation. Smaller works are often shown as a collection while larger works are brought together as installations, often animated with sound, light or moving image.

I’m interested in how things form, grow, change and evolve, in nature, the cosmos and the man-made world. It seems that the meaning of ‘life’ both as biological process and a state of being is changing, as scientists create and manipulate biological life, technology creates artificial life, and inanimate objects often appear to take on a life of their own. These are the ideas that drive my practice and the work itself constantly shifts in shape, form and configuration.


The Golden Seed, Installation including living tree, narrative book and cast gold seeds, 2010, 5000


Improbable Experiments With Growing Stones, Installation, 2013 - 2018


Once In A Universe, Installation, 2018


A Brief History of the Future, concrete, vinyl, suet, wax, flint, iron sulphide nodules, polymer clay, spray paint, gold, sandpaper, silicone, silk clay, seeds, glass, plaster, paper, ink, letraset, lichen, aluminium, 3D printed PLA plastic., 2018, 3000.00


For sale

From Stone to Seed, Collection: drawings on paper, a hand-printed lithograph, and artists book, 5 cast gold seeds and various found and made objects, 2017, 3000.00


For sale
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