Katarzyna Szulc South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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My name is Katarzyna Szulc I was born in 1981 in Poland. I'm a Polish artist based in Doncaster, UK. In 2005 I moved to London, UK, where I practised mainly with a fine painting and has taken part in group exhibitions all over London, and here in Doncaster. Over time, my work and creative skills are developing and it allows me to express myself creatively.

My artistic practices started in traditional painting, oil and acrylic, and recently I have entered the digital art scene. A medium that allows me to explore a multi-layered world of thoughts and imagination. Painting is my passion and the most pleasant form of artistic expression. I specialize in oil and acrylic technique. In the way I painting, I want to reach the viewer by moving his imagination, which is why most of my current paintings are abstract. My inspirations come mainly from nature and organic materials. This nature offers us the innumerable richness of colour, shape, everything that surrounds us comes from everyday life.

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