MARIEMILOV United Kingdom
  Back to profiles I explore the vibrant texture of the image and painting. I feel captivated by the interference of the past and the different cultures in human life. My hope is that a work of Art could guide us a step further in the no man’s land of our past, acquired knowledge and realities check. Within Art, we are entering a powerful intellectual and emotional path in our communication.

I am interested in painting, to explore painting and the nonverbal communication of an idea and a thought, to recapture of the lost meaning of the words and their aesthetic, personal and social resonances. Otherwise, painting, tutoring, leading and helping in a series of themed art workshops, to participate and organise events, publications or group art exhibitions. And painting... I do believe that the creation of art serves to bridge existing language barriers, as well as peeling back the layers of what appears to be familiar. New images can recapture the lost meanings of words, as well as having a range of contemporary resonances on social and aesthetic levels. They help us to develop our knowledge and understanding of the individual and nature of light in life.

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