Laura Pedley United Kingdom
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Laura Pedley is an abstract landscape artist living in Manchester. Looking for the tensions between order and chaos, she draws inspiration from the transitions between different layers found within the landscape, and the places where human construction intersects with nature.

Creating her atmospheric and peaceful paintings Laura uses gouache to layer rich blues and greens, bleeding into soft pinks and peaches. She seeks to capture the essence of spacious landscapes and seascapes, then works back into the pieces with pen to build contrasting linear forms inspired by man-made structures. By exploring the juxtaposition between these two worlds, and mapping out the layers and rhythms that create beauty in the midst of uncertainty, Laura is aiming to capture the delicate balance holding up the world around us.

Laura studied Embroidery at Manchester School of Art. She has previously collaborated with artists Mary Portteus and Alan Freeman, and has exhibited her work in galleries in Washington State, USA and across the UK. She continues to produce commissions for private clients and create new self-initiated pieces to explore the boundaries of her practice.

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