Laxmi Hussain United Kingdom
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Working mainly in inks my work is inspired mostly by women. I produce portraiture and experiment with body work mostly using ink and water or pen. In 2017 in particular the colour blue has become a signature of mine and I often paint portraits using the various hues of blue ink, inspired by the diversity of the world around me, highlighting and celebrating humanity under one colour.

I mostly work with ink and water, expressing the different hues of blue using water. I like to experiment with how the ink disperses and therefore like to show off the medium in my work, particularly in my body work which can be quite minimal, highlighting all the colours of the blue ink I prefer to use. I often work in pen to practise and experiment my ideas before further experimenting in ink which has really enabled me to manipulate my forms. I have been studying the form of the body for some time and love to experiment with the mediums I use.

Previous projects


The Blue Series

16/08/2017 to 30/08/2017

The Blue Series is a series of portraits and on-going, it’s mostly women which enables me to explore the world around me. Our world is incredibly diverse, my children have inherited nearly 8 different cultural backgrounds through birthright and migration, this project aims to highlight this. I have been fortunate to grow up embracing...

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