Lize Krüger United Kingdom
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I see my art as a major means of communication. I rely heavily on the works to convey powerful and important messages to my audience. I’m always curious about ’man’ and his/ her thought processes. I prefer to delve deep into the psyche of humans, but despite that, always try to seek and find meaning and beauty in the most painful situations and darkest nights of our existence.

* Inclusion in the 3rd Annual Women Artists - 15th Quarterly Art Competition Online Juried Art Exhibition. * 44Degree Art Exhibition - solo * Castle Gallery - solo - * To be featured in “The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2021”. * Invited to be part of the International Art Catalog WE CONTEMPORARY, by Musa Artspace and exhibition in March 2021. * Participating in the WE CONTEMPORARY artshow in Vienna in March 2021 * Been approved to appear in the book "International Contemporary Masters" by World Wide Art Promotion, INC * Invited to exhibit at the COLORIDA Art Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal, 4-17 Dec 2021 * Will be participating in the Spectrum Brooklyn Art Fair by World Wide Art Promotion, INC, in Sept 2021. * Participating in THE ARTBOX PROJECT Art Fair in Geneva ( Postponed to August 2021 ) * Featured in THE ARTMARKET Magazine - * Featured in The Art Ideal Magazine - * Interview with 123Art Magazine. * Featured in ART&BEYOND magazine - * Commission for the Directors of The Lost Gardens Of Heligan - * Participating in the VALENTINE virtual exhibition by Hansford and Sons - Feb 2021: Valentine - 3D virtual exhibition by Hansford And Sons Fine Art | art.spaces | KUNSTMATRIX * Participating in the Venice Art Fair 2021

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