Lois Emma Harkin Norfolk, United Kingdom
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BA(Hons) Fine Art graduate from the University of Lincoln, currently studying MA Curation at Norwich University of the Arts. My practice predominantly focuses on painting and highlights nostalgic events, going hand-in-hand with my curatorial practice which explores abstracted environments and surreal spatial design aspects.

My painting practice, developed through my time spent at the University of Lincoln, is influenced by nostalgic references and environments. Memories are portrayed and each is narrated through metaphoric objects, obscure and abstracted environments and poetic texts; these are what form each painting. More recently, my practice has shifted, combining curatorial knowledge to influence and expanded my painting practice off the canvas. Environmental understandings of nostalgic events are now explored curatorially. Atmospheric and abstracted installations are my focus and each installation aims to reflect an understanding of the environment of where my paintings were originally influenced by. My crucial practice allows my paintings to expand the canvas and experiment with abstracted environments and surreal spatial design aspects. Both my painting and my curatorial practice complement each other and can be viewed simultaneously, as one artwork.


Unchanged, But Belong To Others , Acrylic on canvas , 2019

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Better Rearranged, Acrylic on canvas , 2019

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Projects and exhibitions


Enough is Definitely Enough

16/10/2020 — 16/11/2020

Sixty contemporary artists have made new artworks in response to a postcard version of Velázquez’s masterpiece, Las Meninas for an exhibition at Pineapple Black in Middlesbrough. ‘Enough is Definitely Enough’ features a huge variety of different artistic responses to the Spanish painter’s masterpiece - arguably the most widely...

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Pineapple Black Gallery, Middlesbrough Details

How We Do It

22/05/2020 — 22/06/2020

‘How We Do’ It is a project that focuses on the issues and identities that surround Redcar and Dormanstown. In an autobiographical and abstracted approach, this body of work, explored through paintings and representational objects, focuses on themes such as social stereotyping, community, crime, drug misuse, and lack of opportunity. This...

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Virtual exhibition, N/A Details

Pick 'n' Mix


A group exhibition celebrating the regions talent. This collection was made up of selected works submitted to our open call. The only theme being the artists connection to the North East.

Artist Line-up: Loucey Bain, Abigail Baxter, Ray Bently, Kieran Brimm, Maria Camila Cepeda, Aimee Charlotte, Connor Clements, Angharad Creissen, Mary...

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Pineapple Black Gallery, Middlesbrough Details
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