Madeleine Phiri West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I'm a Photographic Artist working with traditional and alternative photographic processes such as traditional black & which printing, Cyanotypes, Pinhole Photography, Liquid Emulsion, Lomography, Instant Photography and other creative darkroom techniques. I teach at Leeds College of Art where I run the darkroom facilities. It's my passion to pass on my knowledge gained through experiments.

My practice revolves around traditional and alternative photographic processes. I tend to shoot on film, hand-process my film and produce art work using a darkroom.

I use a variety of techniques to tell a story or to explore a certain technique.

For example, my series 'Summertime and the Living is [not] easy in Aleksandrovka' explores rural living as explained by my Grandma who grew up in Russia. The series of photographs include Cyanotypes of vegetables that make up the traditional Russian stew called Borsh. The black & white prints are made using liquid light and are photos taken on 120 film in Aleksandrovka, Russia. I have also added in a selection of original photos from my Gran's photo album.

'Where the Sun Goes to Sleep' is a series of Solargraphs, where I make my own pinhole cameras. These are long exposure photographs taken all over the world to track the movement of the sun. The final photos are printed on aluminium and displayed in such a way that the segmented lines of the sun form arches spanning a number of countries.


Where the Sun Goes to Sleep, Solargraphy (Pinhole Photography), 2015 - current


Summertime and the Living is [not] easy in Александровка, Photography (Cyanotypes & Liquid Emulsion Prints) , 2014 - 2016


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