Marcia Raff United States
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Most of my sculptures are inspired by books that I read and feel passionate about. I enjoy doing monumental site specific sculpture and exhibit internationally. I currently have 25 sculptures on exhibit in public places internationally. I enjoy following Ockham’s Razor theory that states, What can be done with less, is done with more in vain. Title of collage: Portals&Labyrinths as Portals©.

I like to live and work in the city where I have an exhibit in USA or internationally. The medium I choose for a particular piece is determined by the form and shape it will be.

I usually make a complete sculpture from an idea and then will make different versions in different mediums, sizes, colors, until I reach what I call a "skeleton" version.

I posted a Youtube video titled How I Became a Sculptor. I have also posted other videos that pertained to a particular exhibit, like the solo exhibit I had in Malaga, Spain, or the 9 minute presentation I made to Celebrate Sculpture for the International Sculpture Organization's IS Day.

All of my work can be commissioned in any size or material.

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