Megan Amber Gault United Kingdom
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Hey! I'm Meg. I am a positive, enthusiastic person with a passion for all things creative. My main art form is drama, which I use for a variety of outcomes, with the main objective being gaining confidence. My first class drama degree focused on drama for confidence in children and young people, and I undertook a project about the meaning of happiness - which is a passion of mine.

My practice lies mainly in the dramatic arts, with an emphasis on using drama for engagement and confidence building. My background is working with children and young people using drama and the creative arts to help then build self confidence and social interaction, and also provide a platform to encourage topical conversation. Due to my years of experience working with children and young people from varied backgrounds, I have gained the ability to use a variety of artistic forms in my work. I am a keen sewer and will often use textiles and crafts in my work. Using a variety of art forms allows for greater engagement from groups. I have a great understanding of group dynamics, and work alongside my auntie to run Yorkshire Team Building, a company that works with both corporates and apprentices to help them work together effectively, and identify their strengths and weaknesses. We mainly use the outdoors and our family farm when delivering this programme, however I also use drama techniques, crafting, and meditation practice to help embed learning throughout.

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