NTKO Art Gallery Lincolnshire, United Kingdom
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We are Dale Tyler-Lodge and Matt Lodge AKA Artist MP13TZ, collectively known as Mernpunk. We specialise in original abstract art, ecoart and creative reuse.

Started in 2017, Mernpunk is the collaborative name of Matt Lodge - AKA Artist MP13TZ, and Dale Tyler-Lodge. Mernpunk have been specialising in creating one off, quirky and eyecatching homewares using recycled and salvaged pieces. We take commissions for furniture refinishing, as well as creating bespoke mannequin lamps and art in a host of unique styles. We pride ourselves on offering alternative, outside of the box designs, as well as giving a stylish new life to unloved vintage furniture.

MP13TZ's (or Matt to his friends!) specialises in bold, colourful, abstract artworks using acrylic paints. His eyecatching works are inspired by pop art, cubism and old school tattoo flash. Based in Lincolnshire, as half of Mernpunk, Matt brings his artistic abilities to vintage furniture, to create incredible one off home interior pieces. He also dabbles in mannequin art – one of his most popular works to date include his stunningly detailed ‘Scarlett the Tattooed Lady‘ lamp which featured and sold in an exhibition in 2020.

“I started painting about a year ago, previously never having thought art was for me. As soon as I started getting into it, I realised how beneficial it was to me. I'd previously suffered for many years with anxiety and anger issues, with no outlet. Whenever I get into my painting room, with all the colours and brushes and my own organised chaos, I get completely lost in it. It helps me escape from my head and quiet everything down that is going on in there. I can also express what's bothering me through my work, and seeing a piece of art come from it feels like I've captured it instead of it capturing me."


Wasteland Aphrodite, Acrylic on fibreglass / plaster, 2020


Kicking The Habit / A Pinch of Punk, 2020


Make It Stop II, Acrylic on board, 2021


Make It Stop, Acrylic on fibreglass, 2020


Masked, Acrylic on board, 2021


Projects and exhibitions


SHiNE Exhibition

02/12/2020 — ongoing

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