Rebecca Naomi Rowan North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am Rebecca, a tutor and facilitator who provides structured and guided therapeutic based photography sessions to individuals and organisations

These guided sessions have specific outcomes which are identified at the outset by the participants. Previous groups have achieved the following through engagement with Mindful Photography UK

- reduced isolation - increased resilience - increased self knowledge and awareness - improved wellbeing - improved personal relationships - increased exercise levels - improved self esteem - improved critical skills and knowledge in photography

A recent project with Helmsley Art Centre where participants were exploring photography and wellbeing during lockdown

Why Photography? It’s accessible, immediate, highly flexible, low cost, it can be adapted to all abilities.

I work with individuals, community groups, charities and organisations who want to make personal and societal change through engaging in a bespoke photographic based programme. There are various programmes available, currently all online.

Upcoming events

  • Shed Some Light On It

    Shed Some Light On It

      online  |    Exhibition  |    07/03/2021 to 30/04/2021

    During January seven participants in Ryedale, North Yorkshire took part in Shed Some Light On It a photography project to support wellbeing

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