Michael Walls Cheshire, United Kingdom
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My practice concerns the public's engagement of colour and consumerism. Colour being a fundamental aspect of daily existence, as the overlook RGB composition on our television sets. Learning from the laws of scientific research to place within a context of contemporary art. Then the aspect of consumerism becomes fascinating, as colour psychology is apparent within commercial spaces.

My own practice attempts to understand societies placement with consumerism regarding the mass-produced space they encounter on a daily basis. Using my art practice as a creative discipline to reconfigure the consumer landscape, or at times taking what exists within the space as a subject to manipulate with artistic mediums. Significant approach to my practice is manipulating the surrounding context of 21st-century consumer culture. Sometimes commenting on its psychological impact with imagery or dealing with my own relationship as the artist to the space encountered by the public.

Crossing the disciplines of what is understood in a scientific domain, of how the mind interprets colour forms, such as colour constancy. Various experiments take place for the public to learn from a textbook, my concern is how the public can understand logical research within a contemporary art practice. Manipulating their own subjective perspective, whether taking place in the gallery or dealing with the publics choose of food within the supermarket, television platform etc.

I use the medium of photography to experiment with various elements of colour sheets and lights. Initially applying the laws of colour theory, then inventing my own colours based on the original three red, green and blue additive mixtures of colour to make light. This area of my practice applies the fundamental application of colour knowledge, working within a contemporary art context, to develop, create new ideas of what exists within scientific research.

I use the medium of photography to create work within the studio, along with the video works, which take on the same methods and experimentation for colour mixture. Painting has become an important medium, again concerning the application of colour within paint form. This is different from the addictive light mixture, is painting absorbing light so therefore subtractive. My practice is centered around the research and experimentation to colour theory, understanding its objective composition to create works which are subjective for the audience, that is the fine line.


The Beauty of Night and Day, Photography, 2017


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The Beauty of Night and Day, Video , 2017


The Beauty of Night and Day- 5 Minutes of Adverts, Video , 2017


Maraschino Mocha 4 90RR16/095, Painting, MDF Sheets, 2016


Photo-Me, Photo-Me Card , 2018-


Changing Rooms , 2018


The Spinning Corn Flakes Box, Video , 2017

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