Nigel Glaze Shropshire, United Kingdom
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Nigel Glaze works primarily from observation and is inspired by the simple processes of looking and feeling. His work captures both gestures on faces and an emotive reaction to a sense of place. Nigel’s work tries to capture a sense of looking past the obvious and connecting with how we see the world through the lens of our inner emotional experiences.

Nigel has been exploring landscapes across the Welsh marches from the Wrekin to the tip of the Llyn peninsular for the past three decades both as a psychotherapist, fell runner and artist. His dedication to, celebration of, and involvement in the world out there and our inner psyche is intrinsic to all his work.

Nigel often immerses himself in the environment or studies the emotive character of his subject, often starting a painting plein air. He begins with drawing and redrawing his subject. He then creates the finished work in the studio looking and changing the layered painted canvas, to create the final, expressive piece. When painting he is drawn toward emotional resonances between aspects of the visual world and the psychological and attempts to catch these often changing moments and elements. Nigel attempts to reflect these emotive interactions by painting in a range of ways; the paint is applied expressively, splashed, scrubbed or dripped over the canvas in an attempt to capture the emotional experiences of the world.

Nigel’s paintings are recognizable as portraits or landscapes yet he departs from what is seen creating changes in colour, light, contrasts and tonal range to capture more of the lived experience of being immersed in the place or with the feelings of the person in front of him.

Nigel regularly exhibits in galleries in and around the Welsh marches, he has undertaken commissions and his work is in private collections across the UK.

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