Olga Mun Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
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Olga Mun is a talented Contemporary British painter who is based in Manchester. Her exploration into the vastness of the human condition and her ability to blend abstraction and figuration styles are some of the qualities that make her stand out as an artist. Through her work, she aims to shed light on the contrasting spaces that exist in modern society.

My work revolves around exploring various themes such as the impact of technology, the environment, and politics on humanity through oil paintings. I draw inspiration from cultural patterns, fairy tales, and old master paintings to convey the turbulent realities of war and other disturbing narratives that intersect our world . I prefer to leave the meaning of painting open to interpretation and reflection by the viewers. It is difficult to keep track of all the technological , environmental and political crises that intersect in our world , and my work explores disturbing narratives I encounter . It also refers to fairy tales and paintings of old masters , in which gestures, coincidences and sometimes caricature markings are embedded Historical coincidences and sometimes caricature markings are embedded. Historical references serve as embedding structures in which the turbulent realities of war can find material expression . Therefore , I focus on helping to sort through the confusion of my own experience by referencing common cultural patterns .

The character on painting do not symbolise anything, for the image is a literal idea lying beyond the understanding of the mind, they are emblematic when they touch on something more than the obvious intermediate meaning of the unconscious aspect, for they are literal ideas lying beyond understanding, it is the language of dreams using immediate meaning The story behind my artwork is a literal expression that goes beyond intellectual understanding. Each image in the work is a direct reflection of a feeling, dream or experience that I have personally encountered. I prefer not to give my art a formal symbolic meaning, but rather leave the viewer to decipher and interpret. It also reflects my attitude towards lawlessness and chaos caused by Russian military operations in Ukraine. The conflict deeply affected me and reflects my personal experience and emotions. Through the movement of the brush on the canvas, it serves as an outlet for me to convey the turmoil and confusion resulting from this ongoing conflict. Also, the picture conveys various spiritual beliefs, which I unwittingly accomplice from relatives and friends, including Orthodoxy and Shiite Islam. Through my art, I explore the complexity of the human experience and how it shapes our perception of the world. It is a personal and feminine reflection of my own life and experience.


Self portrait , 2022


Garden of delights , Oil on canvas, 2023


Impossible painting , Oil on canvas, 2023


Cheshire Cat , 2022


Watermelon man , Oil on canvas , 2022


Defendant, Oil on canvas , 2021, 1200


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Projects and exhibitions



01/10/2022 — ongoing

Catapult .An Exhibition for Whitworth Locke, CottonOnCreative, Manchester, Whitworth Locke Details

One Night in Moda' Exhibition,CottonOnCreative,1 Rochdale Rd, Manchester M4


CottonOnCreative,1 Rochdale Rd, Manchester M4, Manchester M4 4GE Details

Made It in 2022

02/06/2022 — 01/08/2022

Short Supply collaboration with Home, Manchester Details

In Manchester Open Call Exhibition

18/05/2022 — 14/06/2022

Cotton on MCR, Floor6 100 Barbirolli Square,Manchester, Manchester Details

Open Call Exhibition

28/04/2022 — 03/06/2022

COMME CA ART and AWOL STUDIOS Hope Mill, 113 Pollard St, Ancoats, Manchester, Manchester Details

The New Artist

25/04/2022 — 10/05/2022

Boomer Gallery,Tower Bridge London, London n Details


12/04/2022 — 23/04/2022

West Art Collective HQ ,Antwerp Mansion,Manchester, Manchester Details

Reset The System

16/03/2022 — 30/03/2022

West Art Collective HQ,Antwerp Mansion,Manchester, Manchester Details

New Mill Festival

25/08/2021 — 28/09/2022

New Mills,Derbyshire, Derbyshire Details


20/06/2021 — 16/12/2021

Not My Beautiful House,19 Fife Road, Kingston Upon Thames,London, London Details
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