Peter Dyer South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I'm landscape and abstract photographer back in my hometown of Sheffield after a long stint in London. I find the smaller scenes and abstracted shapes and colour tones you find in both rural and urban landscape endlessly fascinating, you then add in ICM (intentional camera movement), multiple exposure and editing in photoshop it becomes something more. For me it is about finding a connection.

My practise is dependent on the circumstances i find myself and reaction to those - this can be straight forward image making in the field, with editing and refining images using adobe lightroom, photoshop and the NIK suite of software; at other times I employ ICM (intentional camera movement) methods (wiggling or wafting the camera at slower shutter speeds) trying to create something ephemeral, abstracted that hints at something either seen or imagined in the minds eye, then perhaps merging multiple images using layers in photoshop - sometimes successful others not so, it's all in the joy of creating something I find pleasing!


A dream of Ardnamurchan, Photographic image printed on archival quality paper, 2020

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