Paul R Martin Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom
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I have a traditional atelier approach to painting, sculpture and printing using techniques from Renaissance and Baroque old masters. They are used as a starting point from which to playfully but reverently deviate incorporating the vast array of subject matter the Pembrokeshire landscape has to offer. This offers Infinate possibilities and gives my work a more contemporary construct.

We all invest emotions on to inanimate objects which have more than just a practical or decorative use, they have our memories attached to them and of previous owners who have etched their marks on to them with endless love and use. Embedded in their forms lies a heightened sensitivity to the materiality of objects that create those memories and emotions. I never strive for realism but rather try to unveil the hidden narratives and paint situations and objects as I recall them, images representing a memory, relationships, events and feelings making each artwork very personal moment.


Dichotomy ( a world wrapped in plastic), Oil on canvas, 2023, £1200


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