Louise Bradley Somerset, United Kingdom
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I work at Spike Island and am also an Art Psychotherapist. I exhibit my work, and am always looking for new opportunities, anywhere in the world, locally or afar, exhibitions or residencies. I am interested in meeting artists to talk about work and share ideas.

I make sense of my reality through art making. As an art psychotherapist I am continually engaged in processes both mental and material, over the years my work has developed into an aleatoric flow whereby I create whatever I feel urged to, playfully, trying to regain a childlike state that is less self conscious. This has been a process of unlearning what I have learned about myself and what is around me, challenging my expectations. Recently I have been exploring landscapes – urban, natural and internal – finding ways to bring these together through ceramics, video, drawing and objects. Often the work is abstract with some reference to domesticity and the human body. What I gain from creating is the ability to think aloud; when I show the work, I feel as though the process is completed. I reach a resolve and often do not keep the work, just remains, in photos and memories. The aim of this cycle is not necessarily about the art object, rather an expression of how the internal and external meet, neither one having priority over the other. For me this process is healing; in a sense the art of letting go. My work is not usually over laboured, rather raw, messy and expressive. I feel this way of creating parallels my work as an art psychotherapist, I move with clients freely and openly in dialogue, at times through dense and dangerous terrain. If necessary I bring an agenda and other times I yield, dancing through a conversation that is an interplay between the self and the other/ object.


Louise Bradley, Mixed Media Ceramic, 2019


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