Rachel Rea United Kingdom
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Rachel’s interest in mediums that engage audiences in a sensory way can be perceived, such as light, textiles and other three-dimensional forms that make the physical aspects of an installation. Works can be tactile, visual and atmospheric, and with the choice of topics in the work she makes and collaborates in.

My work explores the relationship between the visual complexities of story telling and unseen behaviours. With influences as diverse as 'Nietzshe' and 'John Cage', new variations are generated from both opaque and transparent textures. Born in , post ‘Troubles’, Northern Ireland, experiencing metaphysical contradictions within cultural identity, I developed an innate sense of curiosity for a world of ongoing struggle with equilibrium and the adversity that reforms social realities. Ever since I was an adolescent, I have been fascinated by the unrelenting divergence of viewer participation. What starts out as contemplation soon becomes manipulated into a dialectic of behavioural conditioning, leaving only a sense of nihilism and the possibility of a new reality. As subtle derivatives become clarified through boundaries and explorative practice, the viewer is left with a screaming silence of curiosity and unspoken conversation.

The techniques I use are effective in communicating some pressing concerns of our time: waste and consumption of plastic products, and the devastation of vital ecological systems by climate change.

In necessary spirit, I do not always produce work alone. With experienced appreciation and understanding of the production values behind screen and stage, I find strengths from collaboration with other skilled practitioners, as well as facilitation of public involvement in the construction of art works.


Sensory Overload, Digital, 2020

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Swarm, Recycled Plastics/Textiles/sculpture, 2017-2020, £50-£220

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MicroBiHome, Textile, 2018

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Unknown, Costume, 2019


Projects and exhibitions


Sensory Overload

07/09/2020 — ongoing

The Magistrates Association is 100 years old this year. To celebrate a century of being the collective voice of the magistracy and the tireless pursuit of justice, we have created 2020 Vision: 100 Years of Justice. The exhibition comprises 20 original artworks, commissioned from 20 diverse, contemporary artists, including Koestler Arts alumni...

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PET shop

29/06/2020 — ongoing

PET shop is a series of make at home workshops exploring how to re-imagine, rebuild and repurpose material from your recycling bin.

​‘Waste is not necessarily wasteful, it just hasn’t been re-imagined yet so this is an opportunity to explore an organic way of crafting’

​Please subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the...

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Human Aquairium

15/02/2019 — 28/02/2019

Human Aquarium Exhibition premiered in Leeds 15th- 28th February 2019 at St John’s Centre. An immersive aquarium like exhibition space containing thought provoking photographs, installations, films and interactive activities. All created by Leeds-based Artists and Activists.

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