Rezwana Sarkar South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I’m a painter and printmaker, who is graduated from Sheffield Hallam University in Fine Arts 2004. I now practice my work in the Yorkshire Artspace Exchange Place Studios. My work is mostly abstract or semi abstract landscape paintings or botanical prints that mostly derives from my experiences and feelings of certain places and or being with nature.

My works are very expressive in nature. I like to experiment and explore with different mediums but mostly do, oils, acrylics and encaustics in painting. In printmaking I mostly do monoprints and collagraphs that are painterly in style. They are mostly abstract/semi abstract landscape paintings and or detailed botanical prints. My process involves going for mindful walks or just be in a certain place. I then bring the feeling of the place along with photographs and sketches into my studio and work intuitively with it. I also explore the notion of autotelic practises and bring for example leaves or stones into the studio as if bringing a part of the nature with me in a tangible form. Through my work I want to install an ‘outscape’ and transport the viewer to the place and the emotive feelings that are attached to it. The use of colour is a prime element that I work with as an emotive trigger within my paintings.'

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