Debi Roberson United Kingdom
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Having dropped out of art school at 18 I spent the next 20 years living and working in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific region. I have taught English and Life Drawing, been ships’ cook, book-keeper, travel agent, translator, researcher, radio script writer, University Professor and children's TV presenter, but never stopped drawing and painting.

For me painting is free-range story-telling. Colour, shape and composition guide the viewer’s attention and set the emotional mood of a piece. There is an enduring buzz in choosing what to focus on and what to leave out of a scene. When a picture leaves the studio, there’s the excitement of seeing each observer decode its story in their own way. The owner of a painting by the talented Ann Gardner put it perfectly “no matter how hard my day or how gruelling its work, the picture still prompts me to stop and wonder what lies beyond the horizon”.

I love eavesdropping at exhibitions. My favourite overheard conversation went “I mean, is that bottom really interesting? - its positively amber” to which the reply was “who’s that artist who did them in dots?”

I have spent most of my adult life on the move but, since 2015, I have been happily settled in Yorkshire making work in the company of my wonderful partner, family and friends. Recent work has been exhibited in Salts Mill, the Brick Box Rooms in Bradford, Ilkley Arts Hub and the Manor House in Ilkley.


On the other side of the canal., Giclee Print from an original watercolour painting., 2020, £45


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