Rochyne Delaney McNulty North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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MA performance design graduate, facilitator, maker, writer, storyteller. Community building is at the core of my practice, creating links and networks, encouraging mindful action and gestures from human interactions. I work with people and communities, using a vast array of mediums, and always incorporating a performative aspect.

I am focused on creating connections through small gestures of creativity. I am realising they don’t have to be big humongous acts; they can be quiet and slight. Creating a moment where genuine connection can grow and then spark a new gesture. I am quiet, I am not big or loud so I can’t pretend to be, but I think there are more quiet people than maybe we realise. So I hope by being a catalyst for these little acts, I can help join up some dots and help people see the value in sharing, teaching, learning and making, sometimes just for the sake of it. I think this is radical, because in the world today, this kind of gesture can be seen as absurd or weird and often doing something without expecting anything in return is considered untrustworthy. It’s far from that, its seeing the good and trying to amplify it.

Collaboration, storytelling, experience and connection are the things that ground my practice. I enjoy using film, installation, sound, workshops, crafts and words to share and fabricate an environment.

More recently I have been working with moving images and projection to create ethereal images and moments.


Installation WIP @AARK Finland, 2019


The Concrete Boat, 2018


Pico, Installation/performance, 2019


A Dream of a Concrete Boat, Installation, 2019


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