Rula Jones Brock United States
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Rula Jones Brock is an interdisciplinary artist whose work centers around a single theme of cultural identity. Her work incorporates intriguing juxtapositions of iconography from Americana, the West and Middle Eastern culture to evoke dialogue on multiculturalism, internationalism, and humanism and explores paradoxes in an increasingly global society.

Since graduating from Marymount Manhattan College, NY, NY, in 2000, she has worked within a number of aspects in the fine arts, including exhibition, curatorial and education. She has been awarded several awards, exhibitions and residencies.

Very recent accolades include; an artist feature in the January issue of the Esthetic Apostle, 2019, group exhibitions in Moving Lab, Venice, Italy, 2019, and at Loosenart, Gallery Millepiani in Rome, Italy, 2019; an artist residency at the Centre Pompadour in Northern France in July 2018, and a finalist for Critical Mass, Photolucida, Portland, Oregon, 2018.

​Rula was born in Texas, raised in London and Washington D.C. and has lived in New York and Amsterdam. She comes from a Middle-Eastern and Texan-American cultural background and this informs her work.

If you would like to contact her for exhibitions or to purchase a work for a collection, please email her directly at


The Self Portrait Series, Digital Photography, 2018


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Graphic Body Series, Acrylic on Watercolor Paper, 2018-2019


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