Ryan Saunders West Midlands, United Kingdom
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My process is tacit. I am constantly influenced surrounding materials, being very stubborn when it comes to the selection and whether I find them visually stimulating. I look for the space my work occupies to be both supportive and challenging, creating areas of absolute experimentation. There is no preconceived idea, it is made spontaneously and is in reaction to the materials and their textures.

My practice, isn't something easily defined I combine a variety of mediums, highlighting connections and contrasts between them. Space is very important for the work it can be so influential in the making of work and how it becomes the finished article. When transferring to a domestic setting the work drastically changes in scale but also in its destructive nature. Due to the current restrictions and not having access to my studio, I could no longer use huge slabs of plaster and wood and would now need to use more accessible and workable materials, whilst also maintaining that stubborn selectiveness I had in the studio. I find that my work can adopt a strong aesthetic- again something that it is interchangeable depending on the working environment and its possible exhibiting space. Something I have being looking into a constant change of environment and the ability to adapt and manoeuvre the forming of work with in those parameters. I am deeply fascinated in the curatorial side to my practice and how I can experiment both in the presentation of my work as well as the works production. It creates a new dynamics and a more fluid approach to the process of assembling and exhibition.

With the exploration of forms that I have found within my domestic boundary, i have organically destroyed and reconstructed its shape and the space that it situates with little to no reference. through paint, i have reduced and revealed its most basic structure, creating a different image every painting. these should not be taken as a direct representation of the original point of reference; view them instead as a visual digestion of compositions and rigid forms.


Untitled, Sculpture/Installation, 2020


"ANTISHOW", Sculpture/Installation, 2020


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