Simon Lee Dicker Somerset, United Kingdom
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Artist & co director of OSR Projects

My work explores the relationship we have with landscape, the marks we make on the natural world, and what it means to be a human at the beginning of the Anthropocene, a new geological epoch. From intimate drawings and transient installations to event based social activities, each work is the start of a conversation, often evoking ritual activity and personal narratives that involve other people in the production and presentation of work.

Since 2011 I have run an artist-led organisation, OSR Projects, which produce artist-run projects with a mission to connect people through contemporary art. Public involvement, conversation and the sharing of ideas are part of our natural vocabulary and the projects we develop place people at the centre of artistic activity through creative partnerships, collaboration, and different forms of participation.

Over the past seven years I have worked with hundreds of artists and thousands of participants to develop ambitious and engaging work that focuses on exploring the production and presentation of contemporary art in a rural context.


Red Hot Haystacks, Fresh cut meadow grass, UV paint & light, 2017/18

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Weather Station, 2015-ongoing

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In this world of shit, baby you are it, Climbers’ chalk, ink and acrylic medium on paper / 2017, 2017, On request

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Red Sky in the Morning, Wall mounted billboard poster, audio files (x2), 2015

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