Sarah Marie Taylor United Kingdom
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Uk based artist with links to Switzerland, focusing on the contemporary mixed media domaine, the realm of cross mediums and domestic space.

I describe my artworks as “Painterly Sculptures” they combine elements of painterly and sculptural qualities such as liquids, pouring and oozing effects among solids, constraints, weight and volume. Merging these two traditional areas within art is very specific to contemporary art, the here and now, where the rules of the traditional art school are being broken and distanced.

The materials I use within my work are very diverse but with one common trait, they are overlooked, often objects and materials surrounding our everyday life’s that have no purpose further then a acting backdrop for our homes. Inside my work I aim to give them a new purpose and stature, each material has a story of how and where I acquired them, I attach memories to them as if they are acting as my personal journal. Furthermore the nature of the Painterly Sculptures is often a domestic one, I use readymade everyday household objects as the backbone for my sculptures, and the idea of revealing and concealing then comes into play. All of these various combinations are also made by intuitive decisions within the process of making, the subconscious plays a big part within the work and I embrace it entirely.


Faire le ménage, Mixed media, 2018


Suintement , Mixed media , 2017


“If walls could talk”, Mixed media, 2018


Nostalgia in a box, Mixed media, 2018


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