Suzie Gray aka B.AR.D London, United Kingdom
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I am an AR Poet and Playwright from London, also known as B.AR.D. I have created AR poetry for SeekXR, Snapchat and my latest app, Poetal Lite, which is now available in the App Store! I have a PhD in Science Fiction Theatre and ran a company for SF theatre called Stars or Mars Theatre. My published work includes Notes from Other Worlds, SUM and Energy (or the Art of Keeping it Together).

I create AR poetry to engage directly with the world around us - putting words on worlds and faces, as well as video and art to create new links and creative metaphors to surroundings both new and familiar!

I write poetry and plays on the themes of Futurism and Science Fiction. Previous topics have included the Post-apocalyptic, the Singularity and themes of Terraforming and Brain Computer Interfaces.


Stars - from Inktober 2018, 2018


Pointcloud, 2018


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