Tadas Zaicikas (TedyZet) Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
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The artist was born in Lithuania (1974); awarded a master's degree in 1996. International artist, living and working in France, United Kingdom and Canada. Artist creating in Neo-Expressionism, Urban Street art art movements.

The creative work of Tadas Zaicikas (nickname "TedyZet") was mainly influenced by the movements of neo-expressionism, street art and graffiti. TedyZet ’using a variety of techniques, it combines the specific physical and spiritual themes that manifest in series and cycles of works. Artist plays an instinctive dance between the conscious and the subconscious until all the emotion is expressed. With layers of vivid color, it evokes the viewer's emotional responses and allows them to interpret the work in the viewer's world where imagination and reality seamlessly come together in feelings. The artist uses spray paints, ink and acrylic in his work.


RAVE #14-1; 14-2; 14-3, Acrylic, spray paints, ink, gel on canvas, 2021

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