Tina Mammoser North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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In my abstract geological landscapes, patterns are quietly immersed in colour. My work includes small scale paintings on paper, larger paintings on canvas, and collections of collages and book art.

In my abstract landscapes, geological patterns are quietly immersed in colour. Juxtaposed with my glazes of soft atmospheric paint layers, I use drawing or collage to draft half-obscured strata of rock and cliff. I lay hints of the deeper time in our surroundings. My take on a traditional landscape entwines ideas from the sublime artworks of 18th century exploration and the new sublime of modern science. Whether rover landscapes on Mars or the 100 million year-old cliffs surrounding Yorkshire, I want to share a curiosity about time, land, and space within an aesthetically beautiful space.

I start with drawings done on site in the landscape, either in my local Yorkshire coast environment or on geology trips to particular features. These drawings are then worked into more abstracted sketches, reducing the amount of information. Lastly they become small colour studies on paper for paintings. The final paintings are acrylics on canvas, done in a technique of very transparent washes or very lightly applied dry scumbles. This creates an illusion of depth through the layering of pure transparent colours rather than mixing paints.

My work has been shown at galleries across the country and is collected internationally. I’ve had to honour to exhibit with the Pastel Society, Royal Society of Marine Artists, the National Maritime Museum, Dulwich Picture Gallery, at the Derwent Art Prize, and galleries on Cork Street. Projects have included astronomy drawing workshops with the Essex Wildlife Trust, a drawing residency on the New Jersey coast, painting residency on the Newfoundland coast, and time at the National Maritime Museum using their historic Camera Obscura.

My practice is supported by my ongoing academic studies, done to enhance my understanding of the subjects in my artworks. I have degrees in physics, geology and space science from the Open University.


Untitled, Collage, 2021


Untitled, Collage, 2021


Purple rocks at Whitby, Mixed media on watercolour paper, 2020


Mars Light, Mixed media on watercolour paper, 2020


Blue violet twilight, Mixed media on watercolour paper, 2020


Quartz, untitled, Mixed media on watercolour paper, 2020


Untitled, Collage, 2021


Untitled, Collage, 2021


Blue Twilight, Mixed media on watercolour paper, 2020


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Jurassic bay and green sea, Mixed media on watercolour paper, 2020


For sale

A Thousand Metres, Acrylic on canvas, 2021, 320.00

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For sale

Quiet Disturbance, Acrylic on canvas, 2021, 320.00

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For sale

Mount Mercou, Acrylic on canvas, 2021



Sea Stack, Acrylic on canvas, 2020, 400

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Projects and exhibitions


The Landscape of Adventure

01/09/2019 — 30/09/2019

Solo show of new abstract paintings on the theme of imaginary landscape from the gaming world of Faerun.

Yay Coffee, Woodend Creative, Scarborough Details

Beyond Form

01/01/2019 — 28/02/2019

The Bowery, Leeds Details

After the Ice


First exhibition of the "Norway Coast" paintings

The Gallery, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough Details

Artists from The Artillery

01/01/2018 — 31/01/2018

Group exhibition of artists represented by The Artillery

According To McGee, York Details

Wish You Were Here

01/08/2017 — 15/09/2017

Juried group exhibition of postcard sized artworks

Woodend Creative, Scarborough Details

East Coast Open

05/01/2017 — 15/03/2017

Juried group exhibition of local Yorkshire artists

Scarborough Art Gallery, Scarborough Details

To Please a Few

01/01/2017 — 05/03/2017

Group exhibition, including the artist's geological drawings

Cupola Contemporary Art, Sheffield Details


01/08/2016 — 31/08/2016

Solo exhibition of astronomy inspired paintings

Grejczik Gallery, Scarborough Details

Platform Open Arts


Group exhibition of artists exhibiting in local open studio events

Morphets of Harrogate, Harrogate Details


01/06/2016 — 30/06/2016

Group exhibition of "fungus" inspired work, including the artist's drawings of fossils

AppleStore Gallery, Hereford Details

Sea & Stone

01/02/2016 — 29/02/2016

Solo exhibition of geology inspired paintings and drawings

Grejczik Gallery, Scarborough Details
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