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William Hughes (b.1999, Coventry) is a multidisciplinary visual artist working in a semi-abstracted way around themes of memory and remembering. He draws on specific memories and nostalgic material from his family’s history, influencing his multimedia approach to working. He works with often discarded and forgotten material to depict intimate and fragile themes.

“Memory is a delay. Memory is a fragment. Memory is of the body that passed. Memory is the trace of a wave goodbye made with a slightly clenched fist. ” (Robert Morris, 1994)

How do we read memories? My practice seeks to explore processes of memory and remembering, reflecting and drawing ideas from nostalgic material from my family. Working with multimedia processes I create works of abstraction and suggestion set in spaces that trigger feelings of familiarity in the audience. The processes of abstract marking, texture built through layering, and its residual traces, aim to depict confusion and ambiguity. I worked in collaboration with my grandfather, using his equipment, his memories, to create pieces. As his memory gradually worsened, the work mirrored him; gradually becoming more deteriorated.

Where I can, I will use materials I have found throughout to make the work; through reclaiming old furniture, old photographs and equipment, to using found and weathered material as the base to the pieces. These discarded, often forgotten about materials reinforce themes present throughout my work. I push materials and work with them in quite unique ways depicting abstract expression of process and thought: these are individual depictions or moments where the audience are invited to apply their collective memories to the pieces. The idea of the home has become more prominent as a place to make work from but also to exhibit in; these domestic settings reinforce individual memories of times in my home that create.

​An intended dialogue is created throughout my work. I play with the audience’s knowledge of information presented. Aspects of the pieces have double meaning- some universal in themes of memory and other more individual and specific to me. Memory isn’t 100% trustworthy yet, I try getting the audience to look at the pieces and the spaces around them similar to exploring the mind for thoughts. To what extent will we try to remember?

Moving forward, I plan to grow my studio practice in residencies, curating my first solo exhibition, pop ups & collaborating with local artists. To this date, I’ve exhibited around Coventry in group exhibitions; been exhibited online and featured in publications.


Depicting Memory, Mix-media installation environment; with 2D wall based pieces, interactive elements and projection. (Canvas, emulsion, acrylics, inks, reclaimed material, furniture, photograph, acetate print, glue, oil, projection, clock, rug)., 2020


Processes of Memory (Series), Reclaimed material: emulsion, acrylic, ink, fabric, glue, cornflour, papers, acetate print, photograph, iPad, 2020, Varied


Damaged Photograph Series, Damaged photographs with scratch marks; tape and fixer. , 2019


Residual. , Digitally edited and drawn on photographs. , 2020


Shadow Traces, Digitally edited and drawn on photographs. , 2020, Varied


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Projects and exhibitions


Emergent Vision

01/10/2020 — 04/10/2020

Emergent Vision was an exhibition curated and hosted by the London based artist group Uncovered Collective: a collective of artists transforming unconventional spaces into rich arts environments. The exhibition was exhibited in both Safehouse 1 & 2 on the Copeland Road in Peckham, London. Safehouse are a pair of abandoned, dilapidated...

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Safehouse 1 & 2 - 37 & 139 Copeland Road, Peckham, London, SE15 3SN, London, UK Details

Looking & Longing - Critical Theories: Curating the Domestic


This exhibition is the result of a lecture series organised by Charlie Levine for studioELL’s Spring Short Course Session — Critical Theories: Curating the Domestic. It consisted of two lectures which concluded in a set of instructions for those involved to respond to. This curatorial focused short course invited participants to use their...

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https://studioell.org/gallery/looking-and-longing/, Online Exhibition Details

Coventry Open 2020

29/02/2020 — 19/04/2020

The eleventh Coventry Open exhibiting West Midlands based artists in the Herbert Art Gallery. From 340 entries, 54 were chosen to exhibit from a panel of judges and my piece: Untitled (Memories of Coventry) was chosen. Being born and raised In Coventry, the Herbert Art gallery has been a place I have visited over my life so being exited here...

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Herbert Art Gallery, Coventry Details

Coventry Printmakers' Inaugural Exhibition

29/08/2019 — 15/08/2019

Coventry Printmakers are a collective founded to promote printmaking, printmakers and printmaking opportunities in and around Coventry. The inaugural exhibition ran for almost three weeks and exhibited traditional printmaking techniques from printmaking artists in Coventry. The exhibition showcased: etching, lino, screen prints to name a few....

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The Classroom Gallery, Coventry Details

Coventry University Drawing Prize

27/03/2019 — 14/04/2019

The Coventry University Drawing Prize is open to all past and present students and staff in the art department. In 2019, I applied three pieces, was exhibited in the Bluedoor Gallery in Coventry (CV5 6GG) and won the student prize.

The exhibition was split across two venues: The Bluedoor gallery in Earlsdon Coventry and The Classroom...

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The Bluedoor Gallery and The Classroom Gallery, Coventry Details

Open Studios

19/11/2018 — 23/11/2018

Open studio event at Coventry University- inviting family, friends, industry and the public to view works in progress made by artists on the Fine Art course at Coventry University.

Graham Sutherland Building, 5th Floor Studios., Coventry Details


24/04/2018 — 26/04/2018

Premiere was the first exhibition on the Fine Art course at Coventry University. This group exhibition showcased a variety of work from the students in the first year, including but not limited to: painting, sculpture and performance. I exhibited two pieces: both entitled, Untitled (landscape). These two pieces were two I started on at the...

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Graham Sutherland Building, 5th Floor Studios., Coventry Details
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